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Each daily session should be performed at a specific intensity. 60% is comfortable; 70% hard; 80% very hard; 90% extremely hard; and 100% too hard. For greater accuracy most heart rate monitors will show the percentage of your maximum heart rate you're working at so you know whether you're at the appropriate intensity level.

Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club runs the following training sessions:

  • Swimming at Westminster school pool Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-7am, Mon 6:30-8pm Wed 7-8pm. (Coached by Josh Thiele).
  • Paddle sessions at Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club Tue/Thur 4pm ( Coached by Bec Short from Planb Fitness).
  • Run/Cross Training at Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club Thur 6:15-7:30pm (Coached by Bec Short and Andrew Chandler).

SPR Coaching Sessions

In the lead up (Oct/Nov) Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club will run a number of weeknight and weekend SPR coaching clinics. With specialist swim, ski/kayak paddling and run coaches available. Full course training sessions will be held on Sunday morning for the first 2 weekends in November.

Training and Event Nutrition Guide

Information provided by the Australian Sports Commission-

This information is provided as a guide, for specialised sports focussed nutritional information it is recommended that you consult your doctor or qualified nutritionist.

Daily Recovery

Routine training loads for high level athletes increase daily energy (kilojoule), carbohydrate and protein requirements. Many athletes in the past have focused exclusively on replacing carbohydrate at the expense of other nutrients such as protein. It is important for athletes to ensure meals and snacks are based around nutritious carbohydrate foods to meet daily fuel and nutrient demands. Persistent fatigue, poor recovery, illness, and unwanted weight loss are common symptoms amongst athletes who fail to adequately meet daily energy and nutrient requirements.

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