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2014 Results

Seacliff SPR 2014 - Event Results and Wrap Up


Seacliff SPR 2014-Results

Firstly, thanks to all those who competed in this year’s inaugural Seacliff SPR, with just over 200 registrations, the level of support for our first event was phenomenal and really made the event!

Updated: Apologies for the late notice but after a degree of post event "take a breath", the organising committee has met and discussed the photo competition. At this point we would like to say thank-you to all entrants in the photo competition, there are some awesome images. However the number of entries across the categories meant that voting and judging this small number would have been less than completely fair and meaningful. We would therefore respectfully ask all entrants to leave their photo's up and consider them in next years event. Next year we hope to promote the photo competition as widely as possible to increase the level of participation, then follow up with an exhibition and judging in conjunction with the SPR sporting event. So again thanks to all entrants in the SPR photo competition, if you wish to remove your photo from the web page and/or not leave your photo up for next year then please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The organising committee would like to thank all our sponsors and event partners:

  • Nine News, City of Holdfast Bay Council, Plan b Fitness, Titan Performance Group
  • WebsiteToGo, Paddle Sport SA, Hayden Surfcraft, CSR, Flight Centre
  • Zonte’s Footstep Wines, Surf Life Saving SA, People’s Choice Credit Union
  • Bing Boy, Naturalus

An event like the Seacliff SPR doesn’t happen without an army of volunteers, so thanks to all those who volunteered their time for event setup, registrations, catering, marshalling, timing, refereeing, water cover, first aid and merchandise sales.

Complete 2014 SPR results for Junior’s and Senior’s are available here (Complete Results)(under the results menu item on the home page). Below are the key 1st, 2nd, 3rd results and fastest overall male and female for each leg. For those who won fastest swim, paddle or run you will be contacted via email and your prizes forwarded.

Fastest Competitors:

Fastest Team:

  • Team 113 (58:18): Zyan Butcher, Sheldon Robb, Chris Kither

Fastest Overall ($100 cash prize):

  • Male: (34) Benjamin Zuill (59:05) Female: (39) Jessica Ireland (1:09:56)

Fastest Swim (Exterra Volt Wetsuit from Titan Performance):

  • Male: Sheldon Robb (11:20) Female: Abbey Jones (12:45)

Fastest Paddle ($100 cash prize from Paddle Sport SA, U17 & U19 Hayden prize packs):

  • Male Open: Jamie Beavis (22:28) Female Open: Francesca Kidd (26:21)

  • Male U17: Jack Martin (26:19) Female U17: Hannah Tatlock (29:54

  • Male U19: Chris Kither(23:36) Female U19: Open Francesca Kidd (26:21)

 Fastest Run (BSc running pack to value of $100 from Titan):

  •  Male: Leif Christensen (20:06) Female: Jessica Ireland (26:18)

Senior SPR Place finishes:

 U17 Team:

 1st: Team 123 (1:11:54): Sophie Jones, Danica Brice, Lucinda Anlea

 U19 Teams:

 1st: Team 113 (58:18): Zyan Butcher, Sheldon Robb, Chris Kither

 2nd: Team 112 (1:05:16): Abby Jones, Francesca Kidd

 Masters Teams:

 1st: Team 122 (59:54): Craig, Jones, Murray Drummond, Jamie Beavis.

 2nd: Team 120 (1:13:27): Tom van der Jeugd, Nat Gohl and Sean Jamiieson

 3rd: Team 119 (1:13:50): Carrie Collopy, Jacinta Day and Amy Liddicoat

 Open Teams:

 1st: Team 101 (1:01:36): Luke Jones, Pat Cobiac,

 2nd: Team 105 (1:06:30): Ryan Bennett, Paul Jones and Shauna Henty

 3rd: Team 104 (1:07:40): James McBride, Liam Holland and Tallia Dawood

 U17 Individual Males: U17 Individual Females:

 1st: (5) Jack Martin (1:02:14) 1st: (12) Hannah Tatlock (1:10:29)

 2nd: (8) Sax Bates (1:03:22) 2nd: (9) Danny Humphrey (1:11:22)

 3rd: (6) Josh Hornibrook (1:04:10) 3rd: (14) Sophie Hawkins (1:13:26)

 U19 Individual Males: U19 Individual Females:

 1st: (16) Tom May (1:02:26) 1st: (17) Lily Warrick (1:09:59)

 Masters Individual Males: Masters Individual Females:

 1st: (31) Brendan Collopy (1:02:32) 1st: (26) Bec Short (1:17:47)

 2nd: (21) Craig Robinson (1:07:06) 2nd: (28) Michelle McCranor (1:26:55)

 3rd: (29) Matt Collopy (1:07:10) 3rd: (24) Amber Phillips (1:28:13)

Open Individual Males: Open Individual Females:

 1st: (34) Benjamin Zuill (59:05) 1st: (39) Jessica Ireland (1:09:56)

 2nd: (33) Matthew Zuill (1:00:09) 2nd: (35) Kate Curtis (1:14:02)

 3rd: (40) Ryan Davison (1:00:39) 3rd: (32) Elena Davis (1:24:11)

 Junior SPR Place finishes:

 U11-U13 Teams:

 1st: Team 104: Bailey Mitchell, Indiana Dorian and Patrick Kluzek.

 2nd: Team 103: Mitchell Allen, Maddie Hoffman and Ella Sheffield

 3rd: Team 103: Riley Chandler, Hayley Hosking and Ella Collopy.

 U14-U15 Teams:

 1st: Team 111: Blaze Dorian, Taj Swan and Jamisan Smith

 2nd: Team 113: Leah Jones, Alice Priestly and Chloe Phyland.

 3rd: Team 112: Lori Chandler, Kate Paris and Gwen Humphries.

 U11-U13 Individual Females: U11-U13 Individual Males:

 1st: (9) Maiye Rigney 1st: (16) Finlay Suttie

 2nd: (20) Zani Bates 2nd: (17) Frank Martin

 3rd: (14) Lindsey Ould 3rd: (5) Nathaniel Drummond

 U14-U15 Individual Females: U14-U15 Individual Males:

 1st: (50) Anneka Kidd 1st: (35) Joseph Semmens

 2nd: (37) Delphi Allison 2nd: (42) Cooper Forest

 3rd: (43) Gretel Mead 3rd: (40) Nathan Hettner


A quick note on results: with 100 competitors in the junior and senior SPR events accurate timing was difficult, particularly for the juniors where the shorter course length meant a lot of competitors were bunched together when crossing the line. It was not possible to get accurate times but final placing were as correct as possible. For the senior race the iPad based timing system froze and meant pen/paper and stopwatch back-up’s were required, this was particularly an issue when some competitors were still finishing the paddle leg whilst leading competitors were finishing the run leg, again the final times and places were correct.

Senior SPR Results 2014

Senior SPR Results

These are the official results by category for the 2014 Senior Seacliff SPR.

Junior SPR Results 2014

These are the official results by category for the 2014 Junior Seacliff SPR.

Senior SPR Results 2014-Swim/Paddle/Run Splits

These are the UNOFFICIAL splits for the 2014 Seacliff SPR Senior Category.

*** Note that these have to be unofficial because the timing system did not function properly for us to be able to absolutely record the results for each participant.

Thanks to All Our 2018 SPR Sponsors